Real Estate in Lemon Grove, CA

Just west of Spring Valley and south of La Mesa is Lemon Grove, a beautiful neighborhood toward the eastern side of the San Diego metropolitan area. Lemon Grove’s location puts it a short drive away from El Cajon to the east, but a stone’s throw away from downtown San Diego.

Lemon Grove’s most iconic sight is perhaps “The World’s Biggest Lemon,” a 3,000-pound sculpture of a lemon measuring ten feet in length by six feet in width and located at the corner of Lemon Grove Avenue and Broadway. The base of the sculpture bears the inscription, “Best Climate on Earth,” referencing yet another of the city’s charms.

What Does Real Estate Sell for in Lemon Grove, CA?

According to Zillow data for Lemon Grove for April 2018, the home value index for the area is at $459,369. The median list price per square foot is $329. As the average for the metropolitan area is $366, this makes Lemon Grove a less expensive real estate market.

Nonetheless, prices for Lemon Grove real estate are continuing an upward climb, as they have been for some time now. This trend is not unique to Lemon Grove; it is something we are seeing throughout San Diego and Southern California right now, a reflecting of short housing supply and soaring demand.

Real Estate in Lemon Grove CA
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Stephanie Nisan Can Help You Buy or Sell Real Estate in Lemon Grove, CA

If you need to sell a property in Lemon Grove, right now you are in a great position to take advantage of rising demand. If you are looking to buy, you can benefit from the fact that Lemon Grove’s housing prices are still lower than the citywide average for San Diego. As prices are projected to continue rising, a home in Lemon Grove can make for a great investment.

As a San Diego realtor who has helped numerous customers in Lemon Grove, I am an expert on the local market and can help you to secure a competitive mortgage rate if you are buying or get a great price if you are selling. With each of my customers, I take an individual approach. I want you not only to accomplish your goals, but to have a wonderful experience from start to finish with your purchase or sale.

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